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Erik Gorman

* CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
* CrossFit Strongman
* Pendlay Level 1 Seminar
* Pendlay Level 2 Seminar

Contact Erik at 909.4849 ext 301 or email [email protected]

Erik began his exploration of CrossFit in the summer of 2010 while searching for a post-collegiate sport. After years of competing in mainly football, wrestling, lacrosse, rugby, and lifeguard competitions, Erik Found the “Sport of Fitness” and was immediately drawn in. After experiencing a dedicated fitness community and a resurrected sense of competition, he enrolled at CrossFit Long Island and never looked back.

Since his earliest days of CrossFit, Erik has become more knowledgeable in both exercise science and nutrition. With this, he has completely changed his body composition, has significantly increased his athletic performance, and is clearly the healthiest that he has been in his adult life. He is now a national champion lifeguard and has placed in the top three of a national nutrition and wellness competition. More importantly, he never overlooks the impact that CrossFit has had on his everyday life.

After being heavily involved in CrossFit, Erik obtained his CrossFit Level 1 coaching certificate. Now he combines his knowledge of CrossFit with his experience as a certified teacher to ensure that his classes are performing to their peak potential. Like all of our coaches, Erik establishes both professional and personal relationships with our members because we value every person at our facility, as well as their daily achievements.

“CrossFit will show anyone that your body is never as tired as your mind thinks it is. This sport is only as hard as you make it, and once you understand that, you will have that ability to do amazing things.”

Full story and picture of Erik's Human Metamorphasis HERE

Check out this 2 Minute "Primal Redevelopment" Video to hear Erik speak about his experience here first hand: