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We have over 20 FREE Introduction time slots per week, and you can reserve one right now.


 It's simple, use the calendar below to find a good time slot for you, and fill out your information.  Once you're registered we will give you a buzz and chat for a little, answering any questions you may have.  


The deposit for this private session is $50 and officially reserves your spot.  Upon completion of the Private session and the group session, if you feel CFLI is a good fit, the deposit can be used towards your training program.  If not, the deposit goes directly back into your pocket. 



.The CrossFit method is a very unique fitness program and no two CrossFit facilities are alike.  All CrossFit Affiliates are privately owned and operated, each with it's own unique characteristics.  We are not part of a franchise or a chain.  Our members and staff are one of a kind.  There are a lot of CrossFit gyms on Long Island, but there is only one CrossFit Long Island.  


Here at CFLI we take a great pride in our level of training and we make a conscious effort to get to know our clients the best we can. In order to do this we require new candidates to complete a FREE Private Introduction.  We use this 1-hour session to meet privately with anyone intersted in learning about our program, and it gives us a great opportunity to learn about YOU.  This is not only an introduction to general CrossFit, but to the teachings and philospohies of CrossFit Long Island specifically.  This private training session is FREE, and also comes with a FREE Trial Group Session as well.


The Introduction is designed to take an interested candidate with no CF experience and educate them on the principles and foundations of CrossFit, optimal health, and general fitness. This session is a crucial base for building a great personal relationship with our new members, touches on the beginning stages of CrossFit movements and skills, and explains the philosophies of the award-winning CrossFit Long Island program.

The new and improved private introduction provides ample time for us not only teach you about what we do, but to truly learn and understand you and your goals. The session will help you understand the physical challenge of the CFLI program, as well as learn and understand first hand the importance of scaling and individualizing the workout to fit your currrent abilities.

In this session you will get to experience a CrossFit "WOD" (Workout of the Day), called the Baseline, and be coached closely by a member of the professional coaching staff.  After the introduction, and the trial class, you will have a greater understanding of how the CrossFit Long Island program can be incorporated into your life, and how well you will fit into our community. 



If you want a head start, (or to look really smart during your Intro session) check out these quick videos on the components of CrossFit:

                             Constantly Varied                                                                                                                                 Functional Movements







High Intensity