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Why Is It Important to Conduct Analysis of Your Game?


Analysis of the game is a good method to increase your game rating. This method does not offer concrete actions, but rather offers a list of rules to be followed. Thus, you will increase your win rate by a few percent, therefore, gradually your personal rating will grow over a certain number of games. For such an uplift you need time, the desire to play and improve. Your pool should consist of a large number of heroes. Often on small rates, teams lose due to the lack of one, but very important game element. For example, not enough control or saves. You need to choose the most suitable hero from https://dota2-bet.com/teams/ and be able to play following strategies.

Artifacts Are of Great Importance

Artifacts are also of great importance; sometimes, against the team of procasters, no one thinks of assembling the Pipe of Insight. Analyze the position of the team in the game, communicate with teammates. After all, only with them you can win. It is very important not to quarrel with the team, it is important to be able not to notice mistakes, because everyone has them.

With such a game you don’t have to devote too much DotA time, for that you will slowly but surely rise. Look at your statistics on special services. This will help determine which heroes in your performance have a higher percentage of victories.

This method is suitable only for very patient people, it assumes a constant search for solutions, ways to play better. At best, your winning percentage will be around 60%, which is not so much, imagine that out of 10 games you will win only 6. It’s not as beautiful as the streams where professional players play at a low rating.

To increase rating using this method, you must play very calmly, keeping the maximum composure. This item is very important for winning in any game, not only Dota 2. To check this fact, it is enough to look at professional games, a vivid example is the team from the DPRK CDEC Gaming. After winning the semi-finals of The International 5, they quietly left the game box on the stage. After losing the final, they also did not give in to emotions. No matter how the game develops, you can always win it, in order to see the opportunity to perform effective actions, you need to constantly assess the situation with a cold mind.

Everyone has heard about the "boosters", some hate them, others like to watch their streams, respect their work. If you fail to raise the rating, you can always contact the specialists, they will do it quickly and surely.