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How to Bet Dota and CSGO and Win: Step-by-Step Guide


Perhaps, any person who somehow follows eSports, at least once in his/her life has heard about the possibility to bet on various sites. But in e-sports, unlike usual sports, you can bet on not only real money, but also a variety of items from your inventory on Steam. It is for the second option that the most popular cyber sports betting games are designed. Let's have a detailed look at betting.

How to Get Started?

If you check a betting guide, the first step will be to register on the chosen betting website. All that you need to implement bets is to go through simple registration with Steam. After you are authorized with the help of your Steam-account, you will already have access to all the functional sites in their full measure. Follow the step-by-step registration steps. In the upper right corner, click the "Sign in through Steam" button. Nearby, there is also the possibility to switch languages. Log in to Steam using your browser. The verification code usually comes to the mail but it's better to get a mobile authenticator.

How to Make Predictions in Dota 2 and CS: GO?

Now, let's move directly to the bets. On the site page, you will find the "Bets" block. Each mini-block with a bet contains the following information:

  • Two teams that play against each other in this match.
  • Coefficients on the match as a percentage. This indicator reflects the share of bets on the team of the total number of bets.
  • The time is displayed before the start of the meeting, or it is indicated that the match is already running.
  • The logo and the name of the tournament, within which the meeting you are interested in is being held.

Very often, users are wondering where to find trading link, and they are looking for answers in their search engine. However, in this respect, there is nothing complicated. You just need to open your profile Steam, open inventory, click on the exchange option, select the option "Who can send me exchange offers?" and here you'll find your Steam trade URL, which betting sites require.

Alternatively, you can simply pass authorization through your Steam browser, then go to this link where you will find your Steam trade URL. Next, go to the match you are interested in. For each game, you can put a limited number of items of a different kind and quality from your Steam inventory.

After all these operations, you can freely put on the selected team up to a certain number of different items from the inventory defined by the resourse you use, waiting for a win or loss. You will see the coefficients reflecting the specific gain in the event of the victory of your forecast. Once your bet is ready, you should click on the button "Place Bet". If you want to learn more how to bet successfully, just click here, and discover which peculiarities game betting has.