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Gabriella Toscano

Where to start? I could write endless pages on my LOVE for CF Long Island. I walked into this box nearly a year ago, looked around and said, "This can't work, they have like 2 machines, and none of them are cardio machines"! I did my consultation and could not walk for 2 days, no joke! My first WOD with Coach Ian, and I will never forget this, was 100 BURPEES FOR TIME!! Now those of us that know how horrible and frightening of a WOD that is, feel my pain. I was like "excuse me, a what? What is a burpee?" Ian laughed and goes is this your first WOD, you can do 50! I was like what, no I'm doing the 100, these things cant be that bad! (Here I am thinking, I go to the gym every day, teach spin, I'm in shape), YEA OK!!! After 30 I was like these people are INSANE and CRAZY, this is NOT normal!! But I did the 100, never looked back and only progressed from there!

I now have become a full fledge CF addict, I stalk the CFLI website, facebook page, Crossfit Lisbeth and many others. I can't wait to see what the WOD of the day is going to be! RX and PR are my favorite letters in the alphabet. The first time I RX'd a workout, I was on cloud 9 for days to come! The 60 minutes I spend here is the best part of my day, it's my time to learn, get stronger and succeed. I leave this box feeling like I can do anything, literally! The camaraderie that comes from this community is unmatched by any other place I have ever been a part of! I could tell you family stories about some of these awesome people I work out with, coaches included. It feels good to know people know you by your name and they know who you are, what you do, what weight you should be using, how much to push you- simply amazing, what a feeling! 

I have learned I needed to stop my obsession with the scale (thank you Brian! this was so hard for me). I weigh more now than I did when i started crossfit, by about 10 lbs, however, I can fit in a size 2 pants- go figure! I can wear clothes I wore 4 years ago, and that feeling is amazing to me! I love to wake up every morning and put whatever I want on, because I KNOW IT FITS! I get endless compliments on my toned legs, or arms, and all I say is Crossfit! I feel stronger and better everyday. I'm turning 30 next year and was dreading it, but now I'm like "bring it on!", I don't care, I feel better now that I have EVER FELT IN MY LIFE! 

I cant describe how CrossFit has turned my life around, the people, WODS, community, love, it's just endless and I am so proud to be a part of an amazing community! 

Thank you Brian and staff for doing what you do everyday, your all an inspiration and have NO IDEA how thankful and appreciative I am for you guys!!