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Overwatch: Tactics of the Game on the Map of Hanamura


The suburb of the large Japanese city of Hanamura combines the signs of ancient and modern architecture. Under the branches of luxurious sakura, there are restaurants and halls with slot machines, side by side with the gardens of ancient temples. Scenic views are not as safe as it seems at first glance. The Shimada clan has long been living in Hanamura, a criminal group that sells weapons and prohibited substances and provides services of hired killers. Despite all the efforts made by members of the Overwatch before the collapse of the organization, the clan is still rampant on the quiet streets of Hanamura. Learn these tips to succeed in making bets on overwatchbetz.com knowing the tactics used by heroes.

Tips for Attackers

The actions of the players are strongly dependent on which side they belong to. Check tips for some of the popular characters. Attackers:

  • On this map, it is very important for an attacker to stick together. The exception is Tracer and Reaper - they can separate from the group and go in search of adventure alone. All the others must together capture points.
  • The capture speed increases with the number of invaders, so you should not move away from the point ahead of time in attempts to track down opponents running from the base.
  • The angel provides strong support for the allies, has the ability to hide, to stay alive. Thanks to the absolute ability, the Resurrection can bring the members of their team back to life right on the spot so that they do not have to flee from the base. It is worth choosing it at least thanks to the Resurrection.
  • Lucio speeds up the allies, allowing them to reach points with a lot of advance. Lucio's abilities play a decisive role in capturing the first point, if the sides are equal in strength, and none of them can win. Volume to full!
  • Hanamura is a high open map, due to which Farra can soar in the sky, diving from one peak of the temple to another, and bringing down a hail of rockets on opponents, while remaining safe.
  • Farra's absolute ability is great for stripping and protecting points. When they see missiles, enemies usually stand at a distance, fearing approaching. Outside of points, the absolute ability is better to use only when absolutely necessary.
  • Tracer is definitely capable of helping allies in difficult times. It can eliminate opponents by purpose, annoying them with endless teleportation when capturing points.

Tips for Defenders:

  • Always leave someone on the captured point. If you are trying to grab a point and fight against opponents in the border area, one of the heroes must get as close as possible to speed up the capture process. In many matches, players simply can not take an extra step, although it is not so difficult. Do not do this.
  • The bastion is ideal for defending point B. Standing at the back of the site, it can go into turret mode and destroy anyone who dares to step onto its territory. The biggest threat to the Bastion is the Tracer with the Pulse Bomb. In addition, he should be wary of long-range attacks from the flanks.

Follow this guide and you'll enjoy success!