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What is CrossFit Long Island Fitness Professional?

The CFLI Fitness Professional Course, aka “FitProf” is an innovative project designed to educate and build the future of great CrossFit Coaches and CF Business Associates on Long Island.  The course is a comprehensive examination of all things related to CrossFit and the CrossFit industry.   At the completion of the course, attendees will be over-prepared to make an impact on the community of any affiliate, effectively coach the general CF population, and become a true asset to any CF business (or develop their own).    

Of this group of leaders, standout candidates from the CFLI membership base may be invited to continue further steps towards a coaching position at CrossFit Long Island.  All other graduates will be assisted by Brian in finding the most rewarding and appropriate opportunities in the local market.

3 Month (1 “semester”)  - Approx 80-100hrs
15 Lecture / Discussion Classes – 1/week
15 Labs (Hands-On Peer-Coaching and WOD sessions) 1/week
10-15 hours of Class Observations / Shadowing
6 Student-Coaching Opportunities in live CFLI Classes

What are they saying about “FitProf”?

“…I’ve been a coach and a P.E. Teacher for over 35 years and always enjoyed working out, however, this class has taken me to a different level…”

“…Brian’s professional approach to the class is one of the main reasons CFLI is so successful.  You don’t have to look too long or far to realize it’s run by one of, if not the best, coaches and affiliate owners.”

-Robert “Jacko” Jackolski


CrossFit Long Island’s Fitness Professional course is the quality control CrossFit’s Level 1 Trainer Certification has been missing...”

“…Brian’s commitment to quality, and openness to discussion and debate, is refreshing. The scope and value of the course is not limited to CrossFit. Brian constantly welcomed challenges to his own methods and principles, as well as those already widely accepted as gospel. His interests are clearly to challenge every participant (not excluding himself) to deliver a product of substance to any client—and this speaks nothing of his candor in discussing the ins and outs of operations and management of a training facility...”

-Jay Pristupa


To be the best you have to learn from the best, and surround yourself with best. If you had the chance to be taught by and pick the brain of someone very successful in your field of interest, wouldn't you take it? That's what this class is all about…”

“…I highly recommend it to any individual looking to pursue a career in coaching, any gym owner looking for a way to train their new trainers into being top notch successful coaches in their gyms, or even for an affiliate owner to attend and be able to train their own staff and run a successful Crossfit box.”

-Keith Lopez


“I tell everyone I know about this Course and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to become more involved in Crossfit.  The material you will digest is endless, the knowledge you will gain is invaluable, and the experience you will have is priceless.”

-Keri Peragine


“I really enjoyed the first professional course offered by CFLI, so much so that I put my graduate courses on the back burner during the semester because I was so much more interested in FitProf (maybe not the best idea, but it worked out fine).”

“… I know that I have the knowledge to be able to coach any lift or movement that may come up in a workout, and I’m confident that I can be a positive influence in people’s health and fitness.”

-Charlie Appel


“This course was absolutely amazing…”

“…Since completion of this course I now feel more than confident in my abilities to coach and have actually hit some pretty big PR’s! I wholeheartedly believe that anyone in the CrossFit community would benefit from this course whether it’s to become a future coach, or just improve your skills.”

-Jess Kenna


Why take FitProf?

The CrossFit industry is booming.  Opportunities are available that were not available 3-4 years ago, and dedicated CrossFitters have potential to follow their passion and make their love a true career.

Entrance into the world of CrossFit coaching is a fairly simple process, however, differentiating yourself from the hundreds (if not 1000’s) of other CF coaches in your area is where the real challenge is presented.  This course is a strong step in direction of elite coaching and skill refinement that will help graduates have an immediate professional impact on friends, family, and of course clients.


Who teaches the course?  

The course is taught by CFLI Owner and Founder, Brian Costello.  Brian has been named “Best Personal Trainer on Long Island” for multiple years running.  He has built CrossFit Long Island from the ground up over the past 4 years, leading a community of driven members to become the most successful group of CrossFitters on Long Island.  In doing so, CFLI has been named “Best Gym on Long Island” for 3 consecutive years.

Brian has established himself as a leader in the CrossFit movement in the North East by learning and studying from the best CF coaches and affiliate owners on the planet.  Over the past 4 years, he has traveled all over the United States as well as other countries (and even continents) to seek the best information available.

In the field of coaching performance, Brian has learned directly from world renowned coaches such as Kelly Starret, Matt Chan, Chris Spealler, John Welbourne, Rob Orlando, Brian Mackenzie, Robb Wolf, and many others.

Running parallel with his passion for coaching movement and performance, is Brian’s pursuit of excellence in leadership and success.  He has traveled great lengths to work personally with the leaders in the industry.  Seminars, workshops, “Think Tanks”, and personal mentorships are just the start.  The list includes the likes of Seth Godin, Ben Bergeron, John Burch, Andy Petranek, Chris Thorndike, Sean Greeley, and more.  

The combination of the coaching and leadership focus has brought CFLI to where it is today.


What will I learn?

Classes 1 & 2: Understanding the Business

● What it means to be a part of the CFLI Team

● Opportunities in this field / company

● The real roles of a CrossFit Coach

● Athlete vs Coach vs Business Associate / Affiliate Owner

● Hobby vs Professional

● Representing your brand

● Y.A.N.Y.C

● Creating the ultimate “3rd Place”

● building a Tribe

● “Build it and they will come” Maybe so, but will they stay?

● Why are they really here?

● Walk the Walk (Never trust a skinny chef)

● Your CrossFit elevator pitch

● “Primal” Pulling vs Pushing

● “Host of the Party” concept

● Will your affiliate be successful? (why Coach Glassman will look at your bathroom first)

● Establishing your value

● Groupon or not to Groupon?

● Death by Discounts

● Downside of selling “Hard Work”

● Make yourself an expert / Eternal student


Classes 3-9: The Movements and Performance Coaching

The Foundation:

● Midline Stabilization / Bracing / Breathing

● Basic anatomical terms of motion

● The One Joint Rule

● Laws of Torque

● Movement Complexity (Category 1 / 2 / 3)

Coaching: (general)

● The Triage Concept

● Macro-Micro-Macro cueing

● What makes a good cue?

● Dependant Cueing / “Disclaimers”

● “Selective ignoring”

● Addressing the individual student

● Addressing the class

● Multi-Tasking

● Remembering why they are here

● Coaching to their goals

The Movements:

The following topics will be reviewed and discussed for approximately 30 different CF related movements

● Preparing to move (short term prep / long term improvement)

● Proper positions / Technique

● Teaching / Introducing the movment for the first time

● Progressions, progressions, progressions

● Positioning Faults – Identifying and Rectifying

● Understanding the Cause

● “The Tunnel”

● Mobilization Target Area

● SCALING to the extremes

● Increasing efficiency (cueing competitors)

● Coaching the individual vs coaching the group

● Remembering why they are here


Classes 10-12: Coaching Applications / Class Structure

● Effective warm-ups

● Time management

● “more than just the WOD”

● Lesson > WOD

● “Host of the Party” (revisit)

● Brian’s Programming Pyramid

● Creating the experience

● “Taking the Wheel” preparing for student coaching

● Components of a Great Class

● Knowing the ability level

● Last second adjustments / thinking on the fly


Classes 13 & 14: Theory

● Energy Pathways

● 3 Components of CF

● Fitness to Wellness Continuum

● Intensity

● What is Fitness?

● Understanding the domains

● Programming Spreadsheet / Checklist

● “Primal” movements

● YOUR clients need YOUR programming

●  Rhabdo

● Nutritional kickstart advice for your clients

● “School of Fitness”


Required Reading:

Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett ● Tribes by Seth Godin

● CrossFit Level 1 Training Guide ● CrossFit Journal Subscription


Coach’s Contact:
Brian Costello

CFLI Owner
CrossFit Coach
(631) 909-4849 Ext. 306
[email protected]

  • Certified CrossFit Coach

  • Certified CrossFit High Performance Coach

  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education