54 Old Dock Rd, Suite E Yaphank , NY 11980 631.909.4849    



Schedule Key:

Blue Gym - 54 Old Dock Rd, Suite E
Gold Gym (Company Headquarters) - 11 Old Dock Rd, Unit 6
CrossFit 101 - Introductory Course (click here for more info)
WBC - Women's Bootcamp (voted Best on Long Island 2013)
Open Gym - Designated gym hours to work on skill-based movements, lift, make up WODs, and improve anything that needs it.


Group WOD: The vast majority of CrossFit is run through group WOD classes. These are fast paced, exciting classes in which groups of approximately 8-12 people will be battling the Workout of the Day (WOD). These classes are one hour long and include warm-up, detailed skill instruction, skill work/technique coaching, and of course a challenging workout. Please arrive a few minutes early to sign in and be ready to go on the hour.


•Schedule is subject to change. Classes may be dropped or added at anytime due to attendance patterns. At the same time, if there are certain times that would be better suited for you, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate everyone.

• All classes are one hour long and begin precisely during the indicated time. There is a cap per class, and you will not be able to book if the class if full. If you arrive late, you may be asked to wait until the next session. Of course we are reasonable, but we need to assure an optimal experience for all athletes and an effective coaching environment for the staff.

• CrossFit Long Island is very community oriented and we thrive on camaraderie. If you have an ego, leave it home. Our group classes will have members of all different abilities and whether you finish the workout in 6 minutes or 30 minutes, you are expected to be humble and encouragement is strongly encouraged. We appreciate your understanding.