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Dennis "Monkey Boy" Keeley

"The only person I have to be better than is the guy I was yesterday."

Marty "Huscler" Accardi

"I’ve been at that box religiously, giving it everything I have..."

Peggy Scribner

"What I have relearned about myself in the last 145 days: My potential..."

Gabriella Toscano

"I could write endless pages on my LOVE for CF Long Island."

Ann Kazaks

"I have done more things in my life than I EVER would have imagined."

Mandy Mele-Daniels

"I get to express my fitness now and be proud of who I am."

Brian Daniels

"Once again, the world is my playground and I live an active life..."

Domenique DeRosa

"That six-pack that I have been dreaming about is almost there."